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You want to gather insights on your team’s options? Or you want to include your team members in a dynamic decision making process? Then Vote is the right system for you to use.

Vote is a survey tool for creating polls, with a strong focus on ease of use, user-friendly design and most importantly user-privacy.

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You are a participant?

Vote 2 - Whats new?

Vote 2 has finally been released and provides a lot of new features! Some are new, some you already know from Vote1 and some features from Vote 1 you will miss in Vote 2 - for now. If you want to know more about what features the new Vote offers and how you can access them, check out our new guide! Or join our community to get a direct contact to us or to other users.

Usage Information

The functions around Vote currently span several KBVs and regulations. To successfully navigate through the given regulations we are working on simpilyfing the process for you. To get a detailed view on whats allowed, whats not and what processes you have to follow, read through our terms of use to find out more.
Note: We are currently still working on the accessibility of Vote 2, so this is not yet available.

Vote2@Production & LEX Sessions

After a long wait, Vote 2 has finally gone into production and can now be used by all colleagues. To simplify the transition to the new Vote, we are offering LEX sessions in February & March in which we will explain the following topics, among others: What's new? What doesn't work yet? What about the future of Vote 1? and much more. You can get a first glance and find out which sessions we are offering in the following article.